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How to use Domeprojection in Watchout 6

Mahesh Kumar

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Hi Mahesh,

domeprojection has a couple of tutorial videos on their website. They show you how to use the calibration software itself.


Once the calibration is done, the export to WATCHOUT is very simple. You just select the exporter and import the file from WATCHOUT.

WATCHOUT will then create the correct screen rectangles and shading files (soft-edge).

If you have access to a small webcam, like the Logitech C930e, and some projectors, you can try their demo software which you can find here:


It does not include the export to WATCHOUT but this is the least complicated thing in the whole process.

We actually plan to make a small video of how to use the demo version of the software but can't yet say when this will be ready.

BTW, the latest version of the ProjectionTools PRO AV also supports calibratiion for 3D projection mapping.

Hope this helps.

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Hi all,

I am just wanting to follow up on this, does anyone have any experience with the domeprojection app, I'm just trying to understand what steps in the 3d process it does and therefore how that data feeds into Watchout.

Can I give it a 3D model of my space, let it do the calibrations and then it feeds that to Watchout as both a corrected/deformed 3D model+plus projector data, or does it then feed a projector list including their warping settings for watchout to then correctly align to the original 3D model?



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First of all, the method may have changed since it has been a long time since I have actually used it.

Dome projection does not use 3D models.

Measure the distortion value of each projection in several ways,

Configure the stage accordingly.

It also creates and places a matching masking image.

When the saved file is loaded within WATCHOUT,

Arranged stages can be checked.

This is the 2D display stage we often see.

It is not a 3D mapping projector that imports and uses 3D models.

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Hi callum,

domeprojection supports alignment on 3D models now as well.

See this example. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9zL_D-bb1C8

The exact workflow has not yet been described in writing I think but it can work with WATCHOUT. The calibration process triangulates the position of the projectors and then wraps the content around the object.

You should maybe contact domeprojection.com directly for more details.

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