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Watchout iPhone app vs Watchout 4.3

Michel Gilbert

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Does the Watchout iPhone app work with V. 4.3 of the software? Do we need to upgrade to WO 5 to benefit from it?


Michel Gilbert

Yes it does work with 4.3, you do not need to upgrade.

Support for the iPhone app was added in v 4.3, so it works with that version and any newer version.

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Is there any issue if we establish an "ad hoc" netowrk between a display computer and the iPhone/iPad? Thx in advance.


Not exactly sure what that means, but there is no magic to the network.

Only requirement is the iPhone and WATCHOUT Display computer must have addresses in the same sub-net

so they can see and talk to each other.


I have never tried using a WiFi connection point inside the display computer,

I have always used a standalone WiFi connection point.


At home, I use a WiFi access point (AP), which passes through to my WAN router

for DHCP requests. That DHCP host is configured as described below.

An access point is simpler than a router, it acts essentially as

wireless connection to the ethernet network it is connected to,

services multiple WiFi clients simultaneously.

While most APs can provide DHCP managemnt,

I turn that off and keep all DHCP management in one place (my LAN's router).


For example, this allows me to use my iPhone as a WiFi remote

to my TiVo hardwired on the ethernet backbone.

Works the same for WATCHOUT and WATCHOUT Remote on the same LAN.


Most people use WiFi Routers.

In that case, in a pure WATCHOUT network,

nothing is connected to the internet connection of the WiFi router,

and the WATCHOUT network is connected

via one of the client ethernet network jacks on the WiFi router.


I recently did an inservice tech on a three PC install (1 production, 2 display),

and upon arriving on site, discovered there was no network for WATCHOUT at all.

In a strange city, with little time to waste, I purchased a

dLink DIR-651 Wireless N 300 / gigabit router, 4-port Gigabit switch

from a nearby OfficeMax.

Combination of WiFi, hard-wired Gigabit Ethernet and a router all in one.

Compatible with Win 7 of course.


I configured the WiFi router's DHCP to assign addresses in the same subnet

as the hard coded WATCHOUT machine(s),

and restricted the DHCP to an IP address pool

that does not conflict with the WATCHOUT computer addresses.

Renamed the SSID to watchout and enabled WEP with a 10 digit hex password.


In this way, the iOS device or any WATCHOUT Remote wireless user,

(typically) does not need to change any network settings.

In this case, when I enabled WiFi, my iOS device popped up a list

of available wireless networks in the building,

I chose the one I named watchout. From there,

simply enter the WiFi network password when asked and

you have access to the WATCHOUT display computers,

assuming WATCHOUT Production (watchmaker) is offline and

WATCHOUT Display (watchpoint) is running. ;)


When I returned the next day, my iOS device remembered the network I had chosen,

remembered the password (I have that feature enabled on the iOS device),

and it connected seamlessly.

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