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New tutorial videos

Mike Fahl

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Just a quick heads-up to let you know that a couple of new tutorials are up on the academy site:




If you've already seen the older stuff there, and want to jump straight to the new videos, here are some direct links:


Getting Started


3D Models and Mapping

Interactive Control


Advanced Topics

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thanks Mike. Some great points that are helpful. I had to find out most of this out the hard way myself over the past couple of weeks. My first big show with multiple 3d objects as the set was earlier this week. definitely struggled a bit with handling 3d objects, etc.


Are their any limits on the Virtual Displays that can be applied to objects? What resolution of VD is too big?


Also, what guidance do you have on Semi-auto calibration of projectors? especially on 3D objects? what are the limits or pre-requisites?  besides using 6 points. 


Is there a way to do any of it manually? aside from entering the values numerically? perhaps a slider? some finer adjustments that can be made in the Projectors View mode?

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Are their any limits on the Virtual Displays that can be applied to objects? What resolution of VD is too big?


In terms of resolution, they use VRAM, which could become an issue if you use very large virtual displays. But most modern graphics cards have plenty of VRAM. Calculate the extra amount of VRAM, in bytes, needed for a virtual display by width*height*4. E.g., a 4k-by-4k virtual display would be 4096*4096*4=67108864 bytes, or approx 67 MB of VRAM.


Virtual displays do add rendering overhead. They're essentially equivalent to using multiple outputs from a graphics card. So you want to keep the number of virtual displays as low as possible. For instance, if you're modelling an LED wall, don't use one virtual display per module. Combine "chunks" of modules into as few virtual displays as possible.

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Hi Everyone,


I am projecting on a sphere with 3m diameter using 4 projectors on 4 sides. 


Can somebody share with me the earth.3ds and the uv map for it. I cannot find it on the website watchout cookbook. Apparently the old page was replaced with a new design and a list of videos where the sample files are not available anymore. It would be a great help for me having those files to start. Please share a link or you can send it to my email.




Thanks a lot,

Edgar Pulido



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Guest DavidA

Hi, Edgar!

You should have received your files by now, and I will make the files available on the website during next week. Then quite a few more of the older cookbook texts and videos will be made available too. 


Best regards, 
David / Dataton

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