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WO 6.1 - Rotating loading icon on Displays


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Can you please explain a little bit better on what these "rotating icons" are? Maybe a picture? What version of WATCHOUT do you use?


The only "rorating icon" I can remember is the Windows one, usually an idication of something loading, or that it's trying to restore a program that's in a crashing state.

If this is the case, then you should probably try to uninstall the current version and install a new one, http://www.dataton.com/downloads


We don't have any rotating icons on either the production or the display softwares. We use progress-bars if media has to be downloaded.

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Every time the displays open, rotating icons are shown on center, i need to relaunch na program to make it work.. 



reference: watchpoint = WATCHOUT Display


Is this occurring during computer power up

with the watchpoint software loaded by a shortcut in the autostart folder?

What you describe typically occurs in that scenario

when a background item starts up after watchpoint

and interferes with watchpoint's operation.

i.e. your computer tuning is not complete, this should be caught

and fixed during tuning / testing before the computer is put in service.

BTW I have even seen something as innocuous as a keyboard

with programmable macro keys and without its correct driver cause such issues.

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If it helps quitting and then restarting the display software (and it then loads OK), then my guess is that WATCHOUT loads before some crucial other software component is fully operational, resulting in the erroneous behavior you describe.


I so, the best solution is to identify the component causing this behavior, and (if possible) adjust its settings or disable it entirely (assuming it isn't required). If this is not possible, the -Delay command line parameter can be used as a work-around, by delaying the start of WATCHOUT by whatever time required to make the computer start up reliably before launching WATCHOUT.


See here:



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