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How do i play 3 video simultaneously on 3 displays (each video on each side of installation). On timeline there are on same position. It plays not in the same time but with small delay. I try to use Pre-Roll function up to 1 sec but it doesn't help so much.




The problem:




WatchOUT ver. 6.0.2
Video files:
  - mp4, AVC/H.264, 1920x1088, 23fps
   - i7-920, 2.67 GHz
   - 12 Gb DDR3
   - SSD Samsung 850 Pro
   - AMD FirePro V7900
   - Windows 7 x64
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I haven't had the need to change the pre-roll settings for a long time (in fact, I think it was Watchout 4 last time I did that, so things may be different in v6), but when I had a similar situation, with several large videos starting simultaneously, the solution was to stagger the pre-roll for each video, so that Watchout wasn't loading all of the media at the same time. You could try setting the pre-roll of your clips to 1, 1.5 and 2 seconds and see if that helps. If not, you may need use a faster drive for your media. You didn't specify the data rate of your clips, but make sure the total of the 3 videos is sustainable from the SSD you have.


Another thought: I'm guessing that the pre-roll might need to be at least equal to the duration of the key-frame interval of your videos to ensure a smooth start, but that's just a hunch.

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If I may suggest. Try to reencode using the HAP codec. MP4 files quite some CPU power. The HAP codec might not slim the video files, but if your system is configured with SSD discs, it can run numerous video files in HD, with no delay, what so ever, in the start up. But... It does require SSD discs, since the video is streamed directly to the graphic card. WO is build to support HAP, and that means you don't even need to install the codec. Just finished a very big TV studio project, using nothing but HAP, and it runs really smooth.


Best regards Christian

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