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FirePro W4xxx suitable for 4xFHD application?

Nalle Vikstrom

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Hi all,


I've been asked to help with a small art show and I've previously used WatchOut in my line of work with great results, which is why I'm recommending it to this event as well. I've managed to get a local company to loan me USB keys for the event, but the artist is buying the computer hardware himself. He is on a limited budget, of course, but since his demands are not outrageous I'm hoping it's doable.


He will need to display video on 4x 1920*1080 monitors. The video can be transcoded to any format.
The playback PC itself will be a I7-6700K, with SSD and 16Gb of RAM.


For the videocard; would a FirePro W4100 or W4300 be enough horsepower for something like this? If not, what would be an alternative? Would if have to be a W7000 / W7100 or could a Geforce GTX980Ti get the work done? He can get a GTX980 Ti from a gaming-enthusiast, but I'm not savvy enough to know if this would be any good?


Note: I will ensure active adapters for all outputs :)


I appreciate your help!


/Nalle Vikström

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Hi Nalle!


The W4100 will work just fine as long as you're only playing back 4 FullHD video streams. But more important, for the video performance, is to choose a decent processor and a good hard drive, preferable a SSD. And perhaps most important of all is to choose the appropriate encoding for the videos.


Please do not hesitate to contact me off forum for further assistance.


Good Luck!

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