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Network question

Michel Gilbert

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For a specific application we need to run WO from Macs using Bootcamp.


All works fine except that transferring a show to the display computer takes FOREVER. We use a Gig switch and when we transfer to our Watchpax unit (from the Mac production) it goes at light speed?


There must be some checked box that is doing funny things on the display computer. We tried two different Macs with the same result.


Any suggestion from experts?  And yes I know that this is not the ideal setup... but we need that for this application.


Michel Gilbert 

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  • Moderator

The version of Windows and the functions of the switch have a lot to do with this.

When Windows 7 first came out we saw this issue a lot.

It relates to network interface settings.

Starting with Windows 7 the network defaults rely on the switch to handle some of the "packaging".

Some switches do not handle this properly resulting in extremely slow transfers.

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  • Dataton Partner

Indeed, as jfk states. To be more specific, back then we finally discover that something called jumbo-packets had to be turned on or off to resolve this issue. (a setting somewhere deep in the network cards menu). It might be that somehow these settings do not match up with the settings in the Mac? Try fiddle around on that level.

Grtz Walter

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