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WO5 and Xkeys

Alex Ramos

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From the X-keys website, seems that they have 2 versions: TruCom or Virtual Com. Both would essentially communicate with a Watchout PC via serial port (RS232). So you would need a RS232-TCP/IP converter installed in the Watchout PC which would convert any serial input signals to TCP/IP which Watchout can understand.


I have used the single port freeware version of HW-VSP3 from http://www.hw-group.com/products/hw_vsp/index_en.htmlnot with X-Keys but another serial keypad device by Genovation. Just direct the serial port for the X-Keys to TCP port 3040 of your Production PC. (hint: You have to 'login' with the default password to make any changes to the Virtual Port).


In my opinion, with today's PCs/Laptops, the Virtual Com version with USB connection would be more convenient. The TruCom version would need a RS232-USB adapter.


Thomas Leong

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X-Keys seems to be able to run a program when a key is pressed. Assuming you can pass command line parameters to such a program, you can make it run something like netcat or (perhaps even more convenient) the udpsend sub-command of swiss-file-knife. The udpsend sub-command can send a string with both ascii characters as well as other data specified as hex bytes. Seems quite useful for this kind of purpose. More details here:



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