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4k format


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i have a new project with around 100 short movies 4k resolution ( only one movie at a time )

the output is 4 

i need to know the formats i can work with in this resolution.


thank you,




Movie frame rate is a signifiant factor as well.


toss-up between mp4 and HAP


When you say "the output is 4" do you mean four 4K outputs?,

if so, I would suggest you break that workload into two computers of two outputs each.

To put it another way - have never seen four 4K outputs work on any computer running watchpoint.

Windows desktop (GDI mode) would work ok that way,

but watchpoint (hardware accelerated DirectX 3D mode) did not.

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... what is the recommended frame rate ? ...


Ideally you would want to match the movie frame rate to the progressive output frame rate.

For example, if your display is native 1080p60, then 60 is ideal for the movie frame rate as well.

It is then displayed by WATCHOUT unaltered.

Otherwise, an on the fly conversion must be made,

to add artificial frames to match the output frame rate.

(there are two techniques available for the frame rate conversion)


On the other hand, lower frame rates result in smaller files.

So 30 is a popular trade off for p60 displays,

and 25 is a popular trade-off for p50 displays.

24 is least desirable, it will play, but the more sophisticated conversion

suffers with some content characteristics (like fast motion).

But then, who shoots fast motion subjects at 24 fps in the first place ;-)


" ... there is no limit or problem regarding the number of movies and the fact it is around 150 giga , right?"


You are correct, no limits from WATCHOUT on quantity or aggregate size of your movie files .

Obviously, storage capacity, storage file system, etc all enforce their physical limits. 

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