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Random content disappears with video black


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I am experiencing an issue with a WO system that I am programming. The image that is outputting from the graphics card through 2 blended projectors randomly goes black. Usually this stays for 3-10 seconds and then the image returns. This only has happened on 1 projector at a time.


System Specs:


2- Barco RLM W12 (1920x1200) Projectors using both DVI outputs on the Graphics Card.

1- Computer monitor (1600x900) using the Display Port output


WO 6.1.4

Windows 7 (display computer)

Windows 8 (production computer)

Graphics card: AMD Radeon R9 390

Gefen DVI over cat5 extender to projectors and monitor. 



Troubleshooting so far:


Swapped the Gefen Dvi over cat5 extender with brand new units. - problem continued 

Swapped the cat5 cable - problem continued 

Swapped the DVI outputs on the graphics card - problem moved to the second projector. (This tells me that the problem is in the computer??)


Continued troubleshooting:


My next thought is that the multiple resolutions support now in WO 6.1.4 might be causing some problems?

1- Swapping the monitor with a 1920x1200 resolution

2- Swapping the graphics card

3- Using the HDMI output rather than both DVI ports


Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated. 





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For testing, try a display chain with a short copper cable directly to test monitors.

i.e. The most likely cause is the extenders.

Swapping to an alternate identical extender does not eliminate an inherent flaw.

Gefen products have a reputation for such indiosychrosies. ymmv

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currently experiencing this problem now. and my event is about to start in 4 hrs. during rehearsal, everything are working well.. today, i experience some of the projection goes to black, then goes back to projected video file.. then the watchout displays will crush. restarting the watchout application on the display computers doesnt solve the problem, unless i will restart the computer itself (display computers).

can somebody please help me with this? 


i attached here the format of the file i received from the client. i converted it into wmv, because when im playing the original file from the client, i feel the watchout is becoming heavy. stuttering when playing the next task.


i am using 6 projectors HD20K. with overlapping in between 384 pixels. 2pcs of Watchout displays, each display provides 3 outputs.

Watchout v6.2.2

WhatsApp Image 2019-02-10 at 7.14.42 PM.jpeg

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