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amd radeon pro wx seriers graphic card wx 7100

Ricky d

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Hello to everyone (as my first post on this forum),


does anyone use either the Radeon Pro WX 7100 or the Radeon Pro WX 5100 for display computers on a running show ? If so, does it run smoothly ?


I know those two models are part of "Modern AMD or NVIDIA graphics card" as specified in the WO6 manual but it doesn't cost anything to ask. :-)


Thank you.

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As the WX7100 is the successor of the W7100 there should and there is no problem in using them. Of course also EDID emulations works like with the W7100.

The only concern you should have as from our experience, they dont run with high performance with Win7.


We just builded brand new machines for Tiff sequences and decided to go for WX 7100.

All our machines were running Win 8.1 which, we think, is more powerfull then Win7. BUT there is no driver support for WIN 8.1 for the WX 7100!

So we decided to go for WIN10. Tweaking the system for Watchout was more or less a nightmare but after investing a lot of time in research we finally finished them.

Running on very high performance and 100% stable. Also everything in perfect sync with s400 cards!

But be prepared to spent A LOT of time tweaking Win10 for Watchout as its currently not officialy supported. So you should know what you are doing.

The standard Win7 will just be a part of what you need to do in Win10. Be sure to use the Win10 Pro version.

For future builds you also might think about Win10 Enterprise edition as it gives you easier control over your system!

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Hi Zackboyd,


Radeon Pro WX series is the new generation of firepro card.


Would ya look at that!


My mistake. Sorry! I've had such a bad taste in my mouth from display servers with Radeons, I immediately shuddered at the thought... still a little offended by the name of the card, hah!

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