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simultaneous telnet commands to Watchout Server


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Hey all,



trying to do some testing for an installation project utilizing (8)Watchout Display servers....


eventually, a crestron control system will manage and trigger WO Timelines etc...targeting different display clusters.

Right now, i'm trying to test by controlling a production computer from another PC via a network and telnet on the PC (i.e, Production version of WO is not on same PC as telnet commands)


everything is working great, so far. One question though: There will be certain Cues that i've made that i need to jump to a new time position and play the timeline. Is there way to send   a ' gotoControlCue' command , and  a 'Run' command  simultaneously in telnet to the Watchout PC?


Thanks for any advice! 

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I work a lot with websocket servers, and sending commands to Watchout from browser panels. My experience is that you need a slight delay between the commands. If you want to achieve what you described, I would recommend at least 0,1 second pause between each command, to make sure they don't interfere with each other. The good news is that it's all done in one specific task on the socket server. So from that perspective it's just one command. You can probably achieve the same, running a separate "control" timeline, with cues for each command. In that case you can just start that one timeline externally and not send several commands at the same time.


Best regards Christian

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As long as you're appending a carriage return, I've never had an issue with sending commands 'simultaneously', and this is how I'm using watchout 95% of the time.


I would recommend a delay not for command processing, but for the servers to give them an opportunity to load. Sometimes I do this with the control system, most of the time I let watchout handle it. I typically put a .5 second pre-roll on my cues, the gotoControlCue at that load point(.5 seconds before the cue) and run.

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