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Watchout Display Software forcing itself back to fullscreen


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I cant find reason why is watchout display software forcing itself back to fullscreen.
I press ctrl+W on keyboard connected to display computer. Wo Display software reduces to its window mode,
but it goes fullscreen again after two seconds.

This behaviour mainly occures if I run show with watchnet.
It works normaly if I start computer manualy and the computer is in the "base" state with WO logos on the screen.


Thanks for answer

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What you describe is normal in cluster mode,

and WATCHNET operates the displays in cluster mode.

The automatic recovery feature is disabled when operating with a Production computer.

About the only way to stop that from happening is to remove the cluster master,

which is broadcasting the info that the other display computer is using to auto recover.

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I've discovered that if you offline a show, then the display computer are not forced back to full screen using the CTRL+W function. So the described behaviour in start up mode corresponds to my experience.


Your reference to offline implies controlling from watchmaker.

The behavior during cluster mode is different that it is with watchmaker.

From a control perspective,

watchmaker acts in an interactive editing mode and puts control in the hands of the operator.

i.e. an operator must execute a command (keystroke combination, etc)

to recover full screen or re-synch  a watchpoint computer.


Since cluster mode is read only, and implies performance playback,

an additional mechanism is active when more than one watchpoint computer is used in a show.

(Cluster mode always designates one (and only one) watchpoint computer as the "master" of the group

and all other watchpoint computers in the show group (cluster) are "members".

watchpoint cluster members will automatically recover

- from a watchdog reset or

- any event that would knock it out of full screen mode (including human intervention) or

- computer restart when watchpoint is auto-loaded from startup items.

Automatic recovery means

automatically loading the show if not loaded,

entering full screen if not already there,

and automatically resynchronizing to the running show.

All without human interaction.

Note, if the cluster master experiences a watchdog restart,

the master reference is lost and it does not auto restart.


If you wish to work on a watchpoint computer locally

without interference while a show that contains it is 'running',

quickest way to defeat that is to pull the network cable.

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