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6.1.5 - live input issue


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Hi all.


Im doing a show now with 2 projectors,  and switching a bit between 4 cameras live input in v 6.1.5 of watchout.

And while this works fine most of the time, Ive had issue on 2 occasions now.

In the middle of nothing particular, no apparent changes.. watchout seems to crash? 

Projector seems to loose contact, I get some flashing on screen, a WO logo appears on screen for a second. 

and then it actually 'repairs' itself. Live camera comes back on screen.


Now I realise it could be many things. 

projectors, display computer, etc.. 


Inputcard is a Blackmagic declink quad2.

Inte. Xeon-E5 machine with GeForce GTX980 graphic.


Now.. projectors,cabling, computer has not been an issue earlier. so my 2 cents is leaning towards WO.


Could i.e. live input over a long time cause issues? this is going on for hours..

anyone has ideas?





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Running BM desktop video v 10.8. 

maybe upgrading WO to 6.1.6 will help? 

but i've had issues with WO versions vs BM drives.

ie. 6.1.4 seemed to not work at all with black magic, with 6.1.5 it suddenly worked. 


dress rehearsal tomorrow so I'm a bit uneasy about what 6.1.6 will bring.

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Hi Tyskern,


I had some similar behaviour sometimes, in my case what happened was when playing video on screen it frozen, WO Displays went to WO Logo but I had to do Update or Offline - Online to recover them. My case was not related to live inputs, was related to many MP4 videos playing at same time, so Displays could not afford it. Solved changing to less stress codec like MP2 or HAP.


Hope helps you.

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