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12 audio channels


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i have a project for which i need 12 audio channels using wo 6 dongle.

what hardware i need

thank you,


Depends on when you need to do this and specifically how the 12 channels will be used.

Today (WATCHOUT 6.1.6) to achieve 12 phase accurate audio

you would need a third party solution like Ovation (http://www.merging.com/news/press-releases/154)

which can read WATCHOUT 's network timing data to maintain synchronization (up to 128 channels).


Or you could place an audio file of SMPTE timecode on the WATCHOUT timeline

and use a third party 12 channel audio device to synchronize/ chase timecode.


If you only need blocks of phase accurate audio

you could place 8 phase accurate audio channels on 1 WATCHOUT server

and an independent block of 4 phase accurate audio channels on a second WATCHOUT server.


If you have a little time, WATCHOUT 6.2 (currently in testing, not yet released)

will provide up to 24 channels of phase accurate audio

with any ASIO compliant external audio interface on a single WATCHOUT server.

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