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Audio Phasing Issue

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Hi Guys,


we´re using the latest version of WO on our machines on WIN10.


We´re also using RME interfaces for audio playback and here´s the issue.


We do have a sample rate of 48 khz, playing 2 videos on a background. Audio is separated on a layer and played by the production

computer. From time to time we have an audio issue like "phasing" audio is moving from left to right and suddenly is starting to

fade to the right again. If you pause/play the timeline - everything works again.


What we already tried:


  • Put it onto the display computer. - No success
  • Render Clock - No success
  • Changed to other audio devices (Echo Fire) - No success
  • Changed to Mini Jack - No success
  • Volume from the clips to 0% and only .wav file playing - No success
  • Hearing the audio several times out of watchout - yes
  • Changed to 44 khz - No success
  • Resampled the audio - No success
  • Used another USB Port for the Interface - No success


The issue is completely random. The audio level stays exactly the same, just a phasing from left/right or another way around.

I talked to a colleauge, he had the same issue a few weeks ago...


Only possible solution right now, is switch to Mono - but that should not be the target to reach.


So - any recommendations? Rehearsals tomorrow - Show on Tuesday morning. Would be great to get a solution.



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  • Moderator

This is a known issue and is discussed in other posts in this forum.


Have you tried the "Force Single Audio Renderer" option - this should eliminate any phase issues

while disabling the routing functions and individual channel volume controls added in v6.

In return both phase and synchronization should be correct.

Granted this is only a temporary workaround.


I am a little surprised Use Audio Renderers Own Clock did not cure phase issues,

although there is a potential for synchronization issues with that option.


This issue is being addressed with a complete re-write of the audio subsystem in version 6.2, 

currently in alpha testing. (and will be a free of charge upgrade for all v6 users)


BTW I did encounter one customer who complained of phase issues no matter what we tried.

In his case, turned out he was playing a discrete multi-channel .wav

and unknown to him, the video producer included the audio track embedded in the video,

and he was hearing both. Could it be something like that?

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To confirm though, if this fix is used, then do we lose the ability to have multitrack audio, 


No. It reverts to the function / capabilities of v5 and earlier.

i.e. the new audio functions of v6 are lost.


This also includes loss of support for multiple stereo pairs setting.

It must be the other type of WDM interface.

Therefore, a multi-channel audio interface that provides multi-channel with v6

may only provide stereo only with "Force Single Audio Renderer".


v6.2 can not come soon enough as far as I am concerned.

But at least we can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. ;)


or just the ability to assign the channels and adjust the levels?




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I have some multi track files, so I can't go to a single audio renderer.

Unless I have this wrong.



Single audio renderer means one audio renderer for all tracks,

but you still get all tracks individually at their correct default discrete output channel.

i.e. the exact same way multi-channel audio was handled in WATCHOUT 5.


Otherwise, each track has its own separate audio render

and a failure to properly synchronize those renderers is the root of the issue.

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