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Watchout Capture Card / Aja U-Tab


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Maximum 3 Frames.

We run a "Timecode Movie" from a Display PC and filmed it with an HD Kamera.

and then shot fotos.


Another crazy thing... we run a the timecode time from a laptop... XNStopwatch...

Laptop OUTPUT via HDMI to HD-SDI Converter DAC 70 ( very good Converter ) into the Aja U-Tab into the display PC.... and then photos... Laptop Display.... and the captured Output from the laptop....


The laptop display was slower then the captured image via U-tab.. really :) We thought we made a mistake...


I can send you photos

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For less latency you could use Datapath cards. We measured slightly less than 2 frames with progressive HD-SDI (720p50/60) signals. There are cheaper LC cards now which should show the same latency, though not tested yet.




Rainer Beddig

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I agree with Rainer. We use the Datapath cards as well, and especially because they are super reliable. Had BM cards for a very short period, but replaced them, because they failed on started up a lot of times. But - when that is said - at the same time, I'm building a new election show for a TV studio, and could really use an extra video input, next to the already installed Datapath cards, and the U-TAB does look good. Unfortunately I can't get it to work on the Watchmax machines we have, due to the embedded windows version, and the restrictions there. I'm going all in with NDI, when the new version are released. I have tried it with the Beta version, and I think that wil be more usable and stable, than trying to insert more hardware to the nodes. Just my 10 cents ;)


Best regards Christian

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