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Tascam 16x08, Behringer FCA610/1616 Audio Interfaces?


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Hey Guys


Anyone ever tried using the Behringer FCA610/FCA1616 or the Tascam US-16x08 multichannel interfaces with watchout?  Looking for a more flexible output solution than motherboard audio and these hit a very attractive price point.  


Got a show coming up that will have 3 seperate rooms, each with an LED screen and its own audio track.  Looking to play them out of a single Watchout server (all resolutions are under 1080P, very easy to handle even for an older machine)  but need to output 3 discrete stereo tracks, each to its respective display.


Any thoughts?  Thanks!

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An affordable solution could be the Roland UA-1010 OctaCapture. We are using this in our Academy showroom and it works well with 8 discrete outputs. Another option is right on the doorstep with the next version of WATCHOUT - version 6.2. This will allow you to use up to 24 channels through ASIO.


Best regards,


Rainer Beddig

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I think the UA-1010 OctaCapture from Rainer is an excellent choice!


If you want to go more high end I would like to mention the Focusrite 16 Line.




Its not on the market yet but it also has a meterbridge which can be very useful when someone complains about Watchout not playing sound :D.

Then you just point on the meter and show him the moving meterbridge... B)


But what makes it a real good choice in my eyes is the support of redundant DANTE audio networking.


Edit: Not sure if its really redundant but having two ethernet ports at the unit might be useful for this configuration...


Lots of productions putting a stagebox on top of the Watchout racks anyway. So I think its just the next logical step to avoid the D/A A/D conversion. Welcome to the future... ;)

Some productions over the last months also had more then 8 channels so I think the 16 channels are a good choice but it all depends on the type of shows you are doing.

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