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Problems showing HTML with Dynamic Image server


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I use a SOME data provider who also provide a visual HTML based animated presentation module. It al runs as a webpage on standard HTML protocols. I just realised that the Dynmic Image(DI) server doens't support mp4 video, or is it because it nedds a special encoding? I have an example here:



Try and paste this link directly into the "Open URL" option on DI. My problem is that it has to be mp4 to work. I have tried to run it through most of the basic browsers, and ot runs fine.


Any ideas why I can't get it to work with the Dynamic Image server? 


Best regards Christian

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True, but if there's a background video, which is a part of the webpage, what to do then?? I can link something else, which might explain my case:



But you might be right. I just had the understanding, that the Dynamic Image Server was able to show all content from any webpage. But then again, I might be wrong.

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That is my understanding as well.  Dynamic Server is not meant to serve video content.


You do have several options. 

  • Simply download the video and put it on a timeline. 
  • Another is to put a capture card on your WO server computer (preferably Datapath capture card) then capture the live feed from the computer playing the video.
  • This option should be released very soon.  Using WO v6.2 NDI video feature.   Add the computer as an NDI video and capture the screen at 1080@60.    All it requires is a piece of software.

I did an example video of how this works below.  I have been very impressed with results. Less than a frame latency and no need for a video capture card.



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Yet another option, especially if youre not happy with the green screen solution, could be the VMIX broeser renderer:




This can output NDI, including an alpha channel from what they say. I haven't personally tested it, but from their description, and what I understand of how NDI works in WATCHOUT, it should work. Presumably, the VMIX renderer also supports HTML5 video. If you (or someone else) have tried this, please post your findings here!



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Thanks for the answer and suggestions. I already use the Datapath capture solution, and have tried the NDI with the beta WO. Both works great. I was just wondering if I did something wrong, since I couldn't get it to work. It was to save a HDSDI input for other purposes, a web host machine, and since there was a HTML option in the Dynamic Server. I'll definitely go with the NDI solution as son as it's ready. Pls hurry Dataton ;-)

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