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Aux Timeline Fade up problem

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Hi there,


First of all... Very happy with 6.2.1, Im enjoying all the new features and updates to WatchOut.


The only problem Ive seen so far is that when I you a Aux Timeline, the fade in on clip do not work.... the clip just seems to snap in.


Ive tried running the fade later in the clip as well as applying a pre roll on the clip... non of this makes a difference.


Am I the only one with the bug or gas anyone else had the same experience.



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I've done a lot of tests with 6.2.1 and also our Academy Training is using this version. There are many opacity tweens in that show. They all work as expected. Can you give us some more details on the system you're using.


Hardware specs, Windows version, other installed applications which might interfere?


Best regards

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