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Any one have any experience with AVerMedia video capture card


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No experience with it. Strictly from a spec standpoint, it does indicate Windows DirectShow compatible. Without WATCHOUT testing, that only means it is worth a try. I am a bit curious about another product claim:


Video-processing software support. Highly compatible


NewTek™ NDI integration: NDI (Network Device Interface) can help build an efficient live video production IP workflow infrastructure over an Ethernet network. With AVerMedia NDI-ready products, users can produce, integrate, and manage multiple 4K streams on-the-fly.


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On 4/6/2018 at 11:32 AM, mindopera said:

What about the NDI claim makes you curious?  

Well, I suspect simply stuffing the card in a computer and installing a driver does not magically make the NDI signal appear over the network. Wondering what software they provide to make that happen.

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Hi mindopera, probably my reply arrives lately to you, but I read your thread just now.

I've been using an Aver Media Express Card 54, an AVER TV HYBRID NanoExpress, in my production laptop, in the past, and it worked fine, with very little delay.

It was an analog card , and for this reason I'm no more using it, but maybe the model you're considering could work fine.

Good luck.


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