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sync and refresh problem watchpax 2

Opera de Lausanne

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I work since one week on production with watchout 6.2.1

with :

1 production pc windows 10 pro

2 watchpax 2 (one display with 2 barco display rear )

I use 2 watchax because beamer are separate of 5 meters

1server pro videmus (one display 1barco front)

until this morning everything was working properly

When I was starting my system and playing timeline

one of watch pax2 don't refresh properly

Can you help me to resolve this problem?

Thanks in advance for you answer

best regards

Jean-Luc Garnerie


Edited by Opera de Lausanne
I forgot to precise pc OS
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  • Moderator

I am not sure I understand what you are describing.

Are you saying that when you play the timeline in Production while online, one of the WATCHPAX 2 are not playing as it should and the other one is playing? 

Or are you saying when an external control system tells the WATCHPAX 2 master to play, master plays and client does not?

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  • Dataton Partner

Hello all,

We discuss together with Jean Luc and it appears the show cache was corrupted. After deleting the show folder on the Watchpax and the Cache folder on the producer everything works fine.

Hope it will help someone.



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