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How to get the queue time


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20 hours ago, jochri said:

Of course a question of resources but we sometimes apply an additional HD output just for timecode / countdown display reasons.

This is my solve most often - an output just for the SM/Director with the same clip that has the coutdown - you can adjust the start time of the clip to match the length of cue - I also do some text with TRT and clip title.

When the 'play speed' functionality was released, I MAY have adjusted the last 10 seconds to play slower/faster to toy with some of my favorite SMs....?

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Control systems like Watchnet, Universe or Medialon Manager can display the timecode of a certain timeline in it's user interface. You could also use a device called TimeCore produced by Visual Productions to visualize the timecode of a show. Universe could also calculate a count down to display the remaining time. More on Watchnet, Universe and Visual Productions can be found on our website.


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