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NUC Hades Canyon as Display Computer

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I have 4 of the Hades Canyon machines.  They are very powerful and ideal for my application.  Using Win 10 x64 pro for the OS  I had hoped to use all 6 outputs from the Display config.  Production config works OK.  It feels like an issue with the Radeon video drivers.  I'm hoping the Dataton engineers can look at it and write a patch.  I haven't tried to see if I can run it using only the Intel video.  I really hope they will make the program 64 bit compliant as I believe it is severely crippled running as a 32 bit program.

I use Watchout on film sets such as American Gods and the standard tower type PC's are bulky, heavy and take up precious floor space.  

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There are known issues with some Radeon driver variants. WATCHOUT sets a registry entry to overcome an audio issue that occurs when the AMD GPU switches buss speeds. That registry tweak causes issues with some of the newer AMD drivers.  There is a command line switch to disable the registry tweak, described here ....

As for the 32 bit / 64 bit conundrum, there are technical reasons with certain codecs that have kept WATCHOUT at 32 bit. I suspect Dataton will finally abandon the codecs that force those limitations and move to 64 bit in the next major update. i.e. goodbye Quicktime support (but that will not mean popular quicklime codecs will be abandoned - h.264, ProRes, Animation millions+, and HPA codecs in the .mov wrapper already do not use Quicktime support under WATCHOUT).

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2 hours ago, buzz said:

... I use Watchout on film sets such as American Gods and the standard tower type PC's are bulky, heavy and take up precious floor space.  

Would WATCHPAX 20 address that issue for you? Eliminates any tuning concerns and is quite small - 127 mm, height 127 mm, depth 23 mm (5 x 5 x 0.9 inches), Weight, 450 g (1 lb). Bet even three of those are even smaller and lighter than a NUC.

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On 6/25/2018 at 10:19 PM, OaktownProductions said:

Has any tried the new Intel NUC Hades Canyon nuc8i7hvk as a Watchout Display Computer?

Recently Tried the Nuc8i7hvk 

Using WO6.4 and WO6.2.2
All H264 Mov's + Mp4's would play on the system, except Hap
Upon uninstalling the GFX Driver, and using the Intel GFX, the HAP MOVs would play
Of course, whilst launching the watchmaker, it would advice that we were on a under powered GFX Card. - which was expected.

But this anomaly with the HAP codec was weird.
Anyone have any similar experience with this ?

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Not that it helps you with your WATCHOUT issues here, but we've used those monster NUCs with PIXILAB Blocks for driving up to six displays in various configurations. Works suprisingly well. We're using our own player software here, which isn't based on Windows, so of course driver behavior may be different too.


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