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4k Capture Card Sdi or Dvi/hdmi

Rahul Gauri

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I am Building a New Machine and I am vvery confused in Selecting The Capture Card for 4K Output.

I Want To Give 4K Output but the thing is it Beneficial to But DATAPATH VisionSC Range HD4+ or Should I buy Vision SC SDI4 as Sdi capture cards are much cheaper.

but For the Current & Future Market,Does people Require 4K DVI/HDMI ports or Should I stick to 4K SDI ports.

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SDI Capture is a must if you plan on getting a fast feed. 

Datapath SDI captures 1080p  maximum.

There is a decent SDI options compatible with any 4k mode (signle/dual/quad)


 We have yet to test it for delay and color quality


Same company has options for 4k HDMI.



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The output resolution has nothing to do with the capture card resolution.

Selecting a capture card depends a bit on what sort of signals/players you plan to use, sending their output into the WATCHOUT system.

If you use computers as sources and maybe semi-professional camera systems, a capture card with HDMI 2.0 should be fine. DVI does not support 4K! There are also capture cards supporting DisplayPort which also goes up to 4K. I have not seen many professional camera systems with 4K on SDI in the event and staging sector. This is due to the very high costs of professional 4K cameras, mixers, class-A monitors etc. So people tend to stay with what they have invested in for longer times. Also 4K@50/60fps is not (yet) a standard for TV due to bandwidth and infrastructure.

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