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Triggering Chamsys MQ60


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WATCHOUT will not "find" an Art-Net device in the network. WATCHOUT sends out ArtNet data on one or more universes to any ArtNet receiver in the same network. So the first thing is to check whether the Art-Net receiver is really listening on the same network. Some lighting devices use very specific network settings and can only send Art-Net in these networks while WATCHOUT can actually send in an network, as long as the whole WATCHOUT cluster is also living in the same network.

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Under Preferences/Control you can define the standard universe for incoming and outgoing cues over DMX (Art-Net).

Create an output in the output window, select the correct channel and universe and then drag the cue from the output window into your timeline. Use the tween track to fade the signal up and down.


Two traps, you might fall into:

1) WATCHOUT only sends DMX values if the computer is ONLINE (dongle needed!).

2) There might be an offset of one channel or even universe since some devices count from 1-512 and others from 0-511.

A good tool to check what happens in your network is the free tool Artnetominator.


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