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Stage view preset


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Hi All,

Bit of an interesting question. Does anyone know if Watchout supports some sort of stage view presets? My show has several surfaces which are placed far apart from each other on the stage (it's a long story as to why!) and as a result in my show I have my stage window zoomed quite far out (using control-shift-D) for most of the show only certain screens are active (i.e. very rarely are all screens showing content)

I'd love to have in my file, a set of 'stage presets' i.e. one view zoomed on screen A, another view zoomed on screen B. and build into my timeline a bunch of points where the view changes.

Does anyone have any experience with doing something like this (/is this even possible?)


Would love to hear your thoughts!



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It's not really possible to change this through the timeline but what could help is to use different TIERS for the different screens. There is a setting in WATCHOUT to frame the displays and this will always frame all displays of the active tier and scale this up to the size of the stage window.

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