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WO license key crashes OS and can’t be recovered


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I am building a new WO server and I keep running into the same problem.  I’ve installed windows 7 Pro on a modern computer.  I load all the drivers, go through all tweaks just like I’ve done many many times before.  I open WO and it seems to work.  I turn the machine on and off multiple times with no issue.
If I put the WO license key in a USB 3 port and start WATCHPOINT, it works.  if I shut the computer down while the license key is still in the USB port the computer gets stuck the next time it opens at the windows start screen and refuses to boot up.  Nothing I do will get it to fully start so I have to start from scratch and reload the OS every time.
The one driver that is missing during the install is the PCI controller driver.  I’m using the most recent chipset drivers supplied by ASUS.  
Have you ever heard of this?  Have you heard of any fixes for this? 
ASUS WS X299 Sage/10G
32 gb ram
intel  i9 7900x
Samsung 860 Ssd for OS
Samsung 860 Ssd for WO files
Radeon WX9100
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Hi David. Did you update the AMD driver? The symptom you describe is known with the latest AMD drivers. i.e. There are issues with 2018 drivers from AMD where the driver would cause a blue screen when starting windows. The driver from 2017 Q4.1 should correct this


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