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Conditions and Auto Update


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If you change layer conditions in preferences, you have to do an update for the changes to take effect. Auto update does not seem to work with conditions.
If this is a feature please say so in the manual, the natural thing would be that auto-update took care of this.

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This is the behavior if you change it in the preferences. Preference changes are something which works like a preparative preset for your show, not something you change during a presentation. 

You can though change the conditional layer status from outside through telnet at any time while the show is running, e.g. through a control system (WATCHNET, BLOCKS, Medialon, Universe,...). You could also send strings from a timeline to change the selection while the show is running.

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3 hours ago, Guajardo said:

Is changing the conditional layer status seamless by the way?

Not exactly. It is similar to jumping on the timeline. From the time you activate a condition, some time is required to load any active content on conditional layers before it can be displayed.

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