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multi output problem


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Hello, I'm using watchout on three very powerful servers. There are one projector connected to each server. I am projecting one movie file at a time 4000x500 and the problem is when Im starting to play it, two of three computers begin playback perfectly and the third one only shows the first frame of a movie then it pauses. Every time I hit play pause this story repeats. Hardware and software setup on these servers are practically the same. intel i7 12gb ram, nvidia quadro 5000. What are your suggestions on this?

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"three very powerful servers"


Meaning what, exactly??


"one movie file at a time 4000x500/ its not a pre split and it is .mov photo jpeg"


At what bitrate ??


I would be very surprised if this works, reliably.

Pre-split and MPEG-2, is probably the way to go here.


What is the output running on, projection, LED, screens?

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