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Audio Input from Video Inputs.


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2 minutes ago, RBeddig said:

Dataton created a new "wishlist" as part of their new support website.

Perhaps I'm missing something but, on the new site, there doesn't appear to be a way to view other users' suggestions so, unlike the epic 'feature request' thread on this forum, there's no way to chime in with a '+1 great idea', or 'no, please don't change things because...' comment. And, presumably, no feedback from Dataton on whether an idea is in the works, or a 'won't fix'. In this forum, suggestions, problems and their solutions can be shared - Personally I think it would be a shame if all feature & support requests disappeared from view.

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Already on the wish list ...

  • De-embed audio from video streams containing embedded audio (NDI, capture cards, live streams), 
  • mix audio input into WATCHOUT’s audio output with WATCHOUT’s standard audio control (volume, input channel to output channel patching).
  • Individual Programmable delay for for each input / de-embedded audio stream.

Is there something you are looking for beyond that?

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17 hours ago, wiesemann said:

well, maybe this is included in „capture cards, streams“, but any kind of webcam, HDMI to USB (like the Elgato Camlink) would be appreciated.

This seems to go beyond audio input. Video input for external devices require Microsoft Windows Driver Model (WDM) compliance. If the devices you mention are WDM compliant, then they should work.

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