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WO crashing while loading different shows through telnet commands


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I have been loading separate WO shows using the tenet. When the first show is loaded it works fine when I ask the second show to load it crashes and goes to the splash screen and I must send the load command again to get the new show loaded.  Ultimately I discovered this issue using pixilab Blocks but I wanted to test it without Blocks.  I was consistently able to reproduce the issue using telnet.

Any idea why this is happening?

I'm happy to upload the logs if you need them.


WO v 6.2.2

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Interesting that it loads OK once WO is restarted (presumably by the watchdog), but not with the previous show loaded. So sounds like a bug to me. Since it crashes, the Windows Event log pertaining to the crash will likely be of more use than any WO log, as it may indicate where and why WO crashed. I often found that to be useful in figuring out where things went wrong and fix it. You may need to dig around a bit in Windows Event viewer, assuming it's still there (don't recall for how long those are preserved).



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Haven't tried with 6.2.2 since this is already a bit old, I checked with the current version and couldn't see any issues.

I tried to reload different shows into WATCHMAKER and also onto a display cluster using both variants of the protocol and all went well.

Pls. note that the display computer is case-sensitive!



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