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Control cues

alastair young

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One thing you can do is to create as many Control Cues with different names you need and then same number of auxiliary timelines to jump to the related control cue and then trigger this auxiliary timelines from the streamdeck




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Thank you Rainer, I forgot to talk about the Companion

7 minutes ago, RBeddig said:

If you use the Companion App, you can start, pause, kill any auxiliary timeline or you to any named control cue inside a timeline.


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Thanks for the suggestions, im familiar with companion and the fact that we could use auxiliary timelines  but theres a certain simplicity of a single timeline and using the Function keys, until 12 isnt enough... currently theres a 15 button streamdeck setup with 12 function buttons plus play and pause, and a simple way of using the 2 blank buttons to access positions on the main timeline would be really handy. i appreciate that this might not be possible and we will need to use some aux timelines or other means, but if theres the equivelent of F13 available im all ears



cheers Alastair

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On 5/13/2021 at 8:33 AM, alastair young said:

...but if theres the equivelent of F13 available im all ears

Watchout will recognize F13-F24 if you have a way to send those keystrokes! I just tried this autohotkey script


which maps [shift+F1-F12] to [F13-F24] with a test show that had control cues from F1-F24 and it worked!


I'm pretty sure the streamdeck software can be mapped to the F13-F24 keys if you don't want to use companion to just call the specific control cues by name.

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