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"Update" command line


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Hello, I am currently performing a fixed installation where I am using a Watchout reader and a PLC to control the entire installation.

I want to send an "Update" command to the reader.

I can not find in the documentation any information on this subject.

Is this command available?

What is it?

Thanks for your help.


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The load command in the protocol re-loads the show, and is probably the closest to an "update" you can get from a control point of view. The Update command of the production software also pushes new content to the display cluster. But if you're controlling the display cluster directly (which is the normal way once the system is installed), there is no production software there to push updates from.

I'm also a bit confused by your term "reader" here. Is that a typo, or what do you mean?



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10 hours ago, roger said:

Thank you for your answers, in the installation the watchout works without a controller. I need to update an image stored in a shared fold...

not sure what is going wrong with this forum system, the above was sent to me as a post moderation notification, but did not appear in the thread. And the notice is truncated so this is just the beginning of the original post submission. Anyway …

It does not quite work that way. 

The lowest cost way to replace a still without using WATCHOUT Production or WATCHNET to prepare the image would be to use the URL function and store the images to be replaced at a URL via a web server instead of a shared folder. Then a simple aux timeline could be used to refresh the image that appears in WATCHOUT Display via a run timeline command.

Alternately WATCHOUT Dynamic Image Server can provide the function using a shared folder, no commands are needed to update the image, it will automatically update as soon as a file is replaced. Only downside would be the requirement for another standard WATCHOUT license to enable the WATCHOUT Dynamic Image Server software.

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