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DeckLink HD Extreme 3D+

Alexey Lexx

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No, this card do NOT support 2 inputs, only 3D stereo inputs.


Decklink Duo does what you want, though.

Or Datapath VisionSDI2, if 3G-SDI is required, i.e. 1080p50/59.94/60




Best Regards,




Assuming the availability of two PCIe x4 slots,

Is it possible to run two DeckLink HD Extreme 3D+ in one computer at the same time?


I agree, the Datapath VisionSDI2 probably makes more sense,

but for those who may already own the BlackMagic Design Extreme card and want to expand,

a second BMD Extreme card may make more fiscal sense.

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hello all, wish you always have a great day. I would like to ask about how to configure HDMI input with DeckLink Extreme 3D. I have already install the driver but still not image appears, anyone...please advice. Thanks in advance


note : I`m using dataton 4.2

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After our phone conversation this morning, I conclude this:


- source is HD player, Blueray?

- all such HDMI sources are HDCP copy-protected.

- no capture-card is going to let you capture such a signal.





Dear Jonas,

thanks for your prompt reply. I used HD Player and Laptop with Resolume Arena, and there`s no HDCP copy protected. And the driver for DeckLink Extreme 3D is Ver. 9.5. So...is there any clue for missed configuration? wish your advice.


Thank you,

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Is your source showing in the BMD software? (media express). If not, sort this out first. (use of a HDFury might do the trick) If so, any more live feeds installed? Perhaps correct the input number. Also, set the correct format in the live video settings.

Just to be sure : you're talking about a feed into the display machine right? (so will not appear on production software if signal not inserted into that machine.)

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