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Live capture problem

Jan Neubauer

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Hello, since updating to the last wo version /6.6/, I'm having serious troubles on live inputs. It could be Vision LC, or Vision RGB or Blackmagic. All of them does the same problem of dropping or scattering the image. I did tests with interlaced or progressive inputs and all settings of the inputs in WO. In vidion display from datapath everything is smooth. But in WO not.

Does anyone of you have similar problem?

What is the solution?

Of course I updated all drivers for GPU and Capture cards ... Machine is running windows 7.

Thank you!

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this sounds like an issue we are seeing from time to time. We have Watchmax with datapath card. it can run fine some days and other times it will show strange artifacts on the capture input. It is not dropped signal, it looks more like the image is split in half and offset and overlayed, if that makes sense. So we can have glitches where the right side of the image suddenly flashes on the leftside of the image. Or it might be the top that goes to the bottom.

We are running SDI 50P straight from camera to WO input.

Does this sound the same as you issue @Jan Neubauer ?


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In the early days of WO6, there was the same problem when using INTEL cpu + NVIDIA gpu.

In Win7, there was a frame drop 
In Win10, there was a problem with the frames being mixed. 

The solution at the time was to use AMD gpu. 

If this problem is caused by updating the wo version, the cause will be different.

Is it the same if I downgrade the wo version?

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