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Scarlet 4i4 + watchpax 60 problems


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Can’t get the focusrite scarlet 4i4 to work properly on my watch pax 60 servers.

I get audio. But when I stop the timeline there is a digital break sound, and if I have free run on. It stops the audio. ( all files are correct) and it works fine with scarlet 1i1 2-gen.

I can’t find any info if it should work, except the scarlet 18i20 install guide. My guess is that it uses the same driver?



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We had a load of sound issues recently on a tour - intermittent pops, crackles and dropout. This was with a Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 (3rd Gen) on a watchpax 40. Somedays it seemed fine then it would just start again. We tried a second sound card, new cables etc, which was the same, so we ended up stripping the audio out of the watchpax, putting it into QLab which also then sent timecode to watchout. Bit of a headache mid tour 
The sound quality using the same sound cards have been fine via QLab, they were also fine on a Pc running WO display.
Personally I think the inability to add sound card drivers to a watchpax is a mistake.

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Hello again,

so I tried the solo 1i1 and it worked fine. And then just stopped working fine. It’s so inconsistent. (2nd gen)

so I switched to my gigaport hd+ and the same cracking noice when I play audio with free run and loop active.

Can’t set the sound card to 48 kHz either. Only 41,800 and auto.


Any one had the same problems?

it’s a watchpax 60 (without internal sound card)




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