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Seamless Audio Loop


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We’re trying to loop a seamless audio tracks (there are 16 individual WAV files). We’ve confirmed the tracks are seamless, but there is always a glitch at the end when played back in Watchout. The tracks are running on an auxiliary timeline. We’re on version 6.3.1.

Are there any suggestions to make this work better?

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Are you looping by jumping back to the start of the aux timeline, or by placing the audio tracks in a composition and setting free-run/looping on that in an aux timeline? I have found that the composition method usually works better, but I haven't actually tried with a seamless audio loop.

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I've never had much luck with audio looping - especially free running. When I've installed even clips that loop endlessly (think museum displays) I've found it more reliable to tie audio to video (even though it's not recommended), and then actually have the aux timeline loop rather than free run/loop.

I've tried to stay away from doing anything like a seamless loop (or anything audio intensive) with watchout because I've never had great success.

I'd love to know if anyone has any good tips/tricks.

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