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Good Morning, 

I have a client with one of the older Watchpax units (3362 Dataton WATCHPAX 2 (two MiniDisplayPort outputs)) running v 5.5 and it has stopped responding playing the two videos after some power outages and doesn't seem to be react to commands from our Medialon control system.  Show is one output and some geometric correction Watchpax has a static IP assigned and everything is networked, but no internet access for remote support.  Client has power cycled the unit, extenders, and projectors a few times as well as sending it commands from the control system.  Video output seems to be working since it shows the WO splash screen and IP address but goes to a black screen.  This client doesn't have a production key on-site so I can't walk her through re-loading content or such. 

Any other troubleshooting steps you can think of before I schedule a service call 5 hours away?


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The good thing is that the mainboard and CPU seem to work (image on screen). Sending commands from the control system worked???

Maybe the first test for me would be to use PuTTY or PacketSender and send some commands to the unit, like

authenticate 1

authenticate 1

or other commands which could give some indication of the status of WATCHPOINT (getStatus, load showxyz,...)

If they see some of the expected reaction, the next step would probably be to connect mouse and keyboard and look into the Windows explorer on the data drive (Task Manager > New Task... > explorer).

I would now check the show folder and it's content. Are the sizes of the media files as expected? Are they all there? One could drag the show to an external hard drive and check whether the video files actually play or are maybe corrupted due to the power outages.

One should also check whether date and time are near the actual date and time on site. If they are years behind the CMOS battery might be dead.

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Check the network port is operational. i.e. Confirm an LED immediately above the RJ45 connector is lit. Also, take a closer look at the startup logo screen text information - is the assigned static IP address correctly displayed?

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On 7/26/2022 at 11:03 AM, JamesC said:

Client has power cycled the unit, extenders, and projectors a few times …

More of a general note - with WATCHPAX, any time *any change / disruption in the display connection* occurs - you MUST then power cycle the watchpax LAST. Plugging / unplugging a display connection, powering up or power cycling a display or extender, all will freeze a powered up WATCHPAX.

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