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DeckLink Mini Recorder 4K and WO6

Alex Ramos

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I'm trying to capture HDMI using the DeckLink Mini Recorder 4K . With this card we can capture one or the other, HDMI OR SDI, not the two at the same time its a one input card.

This means WO will only see it as one digital input device.

The card works as it should on Media Express capturing SDI or HDMI

All ok until here.

The thing is. Even if on the display control panel Blackmagic's app  the HDMI input is selected.

This card always defaults to SDI on WO.

I'm missing something here? Is there any workaround?

How can I capture HDMI using this card in WO6?




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When you define the Live Video media object, there is a choice for the input device number set on your display computer in the Basic tab AND and under the Advanced tab a choice for Signal Input. It defaults to 1. Signal input should allow you to select the other input.


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