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Delay before video input becomes active

Rogier Tuinte

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We've a display computer with windows 7, watchout version 5, a blackmagic intensity pro and osprey 440 capture card.

The display machine is online. When we jump to a live video cue on the timeline (both HDMI or one of the video inputs from the 440 card) it takes a few seconds before the feed is visible on the output.

If we jump to other (non live video) media elements, the machine responds normal.

Also when I press update, the live video feed on the output freeze for a few seconds.

Once when the live video is active, it responds normal to opacity changes with an external input.



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Hi all,


We've discovered an issue with capture delay, when Datapath AND any Blackmagic card,

Decklink or Intensity OR even only the drivers for them, is installed at the same time.

As soon as the Blackmagic hardware/software is uninstalled, capture seems OK again.

This is under investigation at the moment. Just wanted to give you a heads up on this.


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Hi all.

We use Datapath RGB capture card and Osprey 210 composite capture card. When we switch to live, we see delay.

We have problem, that master computer freezes too often and only solution is testart master computer. Displays working correctly.

Is it connected with issue writen above?

Matej Streba

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We sometimes encounter delays when jumping in the timeline. an easy solution is to place a video input on top of your complete show, decrease opacity to 0 so that the video signal is permanently shown inside your show - just invisible...just in case somebody wants a quick fix without having to wait for any driver updates...

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