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Mouse cursor visable on display computer


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Hi all


In a recent install the mouse cursor is visable in the middle of one of the displays after rebooting the system.

Sometimes it is the normal arrow cursor and sometimes it is the "spining ring"


Any ideas?



Win 7 home premium, Asus mb, intel hexacore, asus HD 6970, 16 Gb, WO 5.2 in cluster control via UDP commands



Christian Croonquist

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Hi Croonqist,


think i have the same Problem now.


First i run the System on Version 5.3.1 and no problem with the 4 screens.


After the update to 5.5 i will see a "spining ring" too an the bottom of screen 2.


How do you fix your Problem ?!?


thanx for help,


Thomas Halder

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  • Moderator

Any part of Windows (cursor, task bar, etc) appearing

while watchpoint is in full screen DirectX 3D rendering mode is bad.

Quit watchpoint and restart it and the problem will disappear.

This most often occurs when the WATCHOUT Display computer

powers up and runs watchpoint from Startup items.

Other processes occurring after watchpoint starts are trying to punch through.

You can possibly use WATCHOUT 5.5's new delay command line option

to allow the other processes to complete and then load watchpoint without interference.


• A command line option is added to the display software, allowing a delay to be introduced when the software is started. This may occasionally help in avoiding start-up problems, by delaying the start of the display software until things have settled down. To use this feature, append -Delay 3 to the shortcut used to start the display software ("WATCHPOINT.EXE"), where 3 is the desired delay in seconds.

For more information on modifying the shortcut, refer to

WATCHOUT 5.2 Users Guide - Appendix E pg 258


Another topic related to the same issue - Watchpoint starts, then disappears

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