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watchout Backup How to write the command?


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Hello everyone, I want to use the host to send a synchronization timeline command to the backup to let him run synchronously, but I try to write the command, but the backup still does not run. How should I write this TCP command? Is my 3040 port correct? thank you all!



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Those brackets break the command. The brackets designate a command ID tag, so actually there is no command in that transmission.

Remove the brackets.

Port 3040 is correct if the IP address is for a backup watchmaker station.

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7 minutes ago, jfk said:

那些括号破坏了命令。括号指定一个命令 ID 标签,所以实际上在该传输中没有命令。


如果 IP 地址用于备用钟表站,则端口 3040 是正确的。

”run $0D“ Is this how to send it?

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