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Link media stage position to display stage position


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Hi all,

I wonder is there anyway to link content position to a certain display?

Eg I have mutliple LED walls on a stage. Some content should be on a specific position on a specific LED wall. Other content should be depending on the position of the LED wall on the stage.

I'm lucky to get all content in advance, so I can create the whole show in office. But in the end I'll have to position my displays regarding to the physical position of the LED walls on stage. Therefore I'll have to move my displays on site, at least for fine adjustments. So at my current level of knowledge, I then need to reposition every media cue that should be fixed to the display position.

Any way to avoid that?

I normally would work with virtual displays for that, but the layer order of fixed and stage content is not so defined and I have at least BKG, FILL, CUT which all can be either screen fixed or stage defined.


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@LukasU this is imho exactly what virtual displays are for. I don't understand your remark on not being able to use them in this case because in the end your media files will have "a" position in your stage area and using VD's you can take that output and re-position it on your actual LED output...   Or perhaps a combination of VD's and compositions could be used?


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