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Enable/disable edgeblend ?


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Hi all

Maybe someone have an idea ?

I have a show in a large rectangular venue, all walls are mapped with projectors (like a 360 but rectangular:).

i use the watchout generated edge blend that has always gave me good results.

My problem is that this large venue can be divided in two smaller ones, with a sliding wall that will be also projected on, on each side,

separating that large venue.

in this configuration  i have two different shows running in these two "new" rooms.

but with that wall separating the big venue in two, edgeblends need to be deactivated at the intersection of "standard" wall

and this sliding wall.

how to achieve that ?

Automatic Edgeblend is for all displays overlaping in watchout, stage tiers can help to have "group" of displays not being affected by that edgeblend

I think it's not possible to activate/deactivate edge blend during a show ?

should i need to create all edgeblends in photoshop, put them above everybody, but that a lot of work (30 projectors) and it is non-real time process

making it a pain to adjust for each overlap between each displays.

Maybe a function in watchout that i'm not aware of ?

what i know is that it will be two different configurations.

a big one for the whole venue, or a smaller one for the "divided by two" venue, they will never play at the same time.

If someone can help Thanks.

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I suspect the divider wall does not change during a performance? It would be easiest to load a different show file for each scenario. I suspect stage tiers would be the most convenient way to customize blending for each scenario / show file.

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I think the easiest would be to create the displays of the big room in one area of the Watchout stage with traditional soft edge.

On 2 others area of the stage, you can create the displays for the 2 smaller venues: 3 big virtual displays for the duplicated parts and the additional projectors. The VD displaying on the real display in the full room stage area.

I think what you want to achieve is most of the wall use default soft edge you had set for the full room, only a small part displaying on top of the edge blend. To do this you could use 2 timelines, one to display always on top, the other to display above the soft edge and crop your virtual display media to define the limit where you want soft edge of not…

I know it’s not very clear but feel free to call me if you want to discuss about it.



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