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Question, cores Vs. frequency


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Good morning, I've a question for all;


My actual configuration is:


MB Asus P9X79

CPU I7 3930K

HD 2xSSD 120Gb RAID 0 (read and write 930 Mb/s)

RAM 4x2Gb ddr3-2000

Win 7 32 bit ( Yes, I know, Win 32 bit use only 3 GB but the motherboard have Quad channel memory architecture )


Input card

2x Datapath RGB-E1s

1x Decklink SDI


During the video capture What is working hard? CPU or graphic card?


I want to make another computer with 2 x Datapath RGB-E1s and 1 Decklick QUAD.

I need to use all 6 input, in this case is better to have the CPU with Higest frequency or to have the CPU with addictional cores?


The possible choise is:

I7 3820 ( 4 core 3.6 GHz)


I7 3930K ( 6 cores 3.2GHz )


Watchout support dual CPU?


Asus have the Motherboard Z9PE-D8 WS Dual socket LGA 2011 with Intel C602 Chipset

2x I7 3820 cost around as 1x I7 3930K





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Just a quick note:


- for 6 Blackmagic Design Decklink inputs, one needs a 64-bit OS.

- I would use a 2 input Datapath RGB-E2s instead of 2 x Datapath RGB-E1s,

- graphic card is not involved more because of video capture. It's mainly a bus and processor intensive task.

- how many possible PCIe-lanes that are available, is also playing a part here.

- WATCHOUT works with dual CPU, what you win/loose with such a setup, is not tested by us, though.

What also matters is:

- how many outputs is used simultaneously as capturing

- how many video files are played back simultaneously as capturing

- which codec/bitrate/framerate are used on these files.

All these compete with each other for processor/bus/disk/graphics resources,

meaning it's very hard to say when you reach a hardware limit of the underlying platform.

It has to be tested, in each specific case, I think.



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Just a quick note:


- graphic card is not involved more because of video capture. It's a bus and processor intensive task.



Isn't the processor throughput and workload dependent on the Live Video - Deinterlacing setting?

Interlaced video is deinterlaced in the cpu, and that is an intensive task,

but when receiving progressive video and deinterlacing is set to none,

doesn't the stream bypass the cpu and dma direct to the GPU,

eliminating the cpu load?

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... The choice of two cards rgb-E1S instead of E2s was only because in case of necessity can remove a card and install it in another pc


Understand the desire for flexibility, but running the GPU at x16 and two PCIe x4 slots requires a motherboard suited to the task. Pretty sure the E2S reduces that to GPU at x16 and just one x4 slot. We did encounter motherboards with the physical slots that could not run the three card combination without slowing something down. Either the GPU would stepdown to x8 or one of the x4 slots would step down to x1. In one case where there were five slots with physical connections at x4 or higher, it was dependent on which slots were chosen and additional x1 cards factored in too. Test under full load to confirm the mb supports enough PCIe lanes to get the job done with all cards at full rated speed. ;)

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The configuration described above is already tested because I'm using it for a few months course for the choice of the motherboard to the new PC will devote great attention to the number of lines pcie and configurazioniin case of multiple cards (before choosing the P9x79 I read many manuals MB to make sure there are no problems)

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