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Version 5.5 audio files update


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I have a problem with one of my client's Watchout systems.

The system works with the 5.5.2 version and Win 7 64-bit.

Whenever I try to update the project with the audio file, the display app crashes with an error message on the produce software (please picture and log file from the display app attached).

The old project with audio files in the display computer worked well.

Watchout Error.jpg

New Text Document (2).txt

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It's worked without a wave file.

I didn't try other audio formats.

When I moved the audio away from the display, I don't have an error, but the sound doesn't work.

Interestingly, the old project (without updating) with the same audio file worked well.

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10 minutes ago, diskin said:

Yes, it's worked well.

As I wrote earlier, the same files work in an old project in the same PC

Ok, I read that as it used to work. Did not realise you were saying the old project works today with the “same” file. I use the quotes because each show has its own unique copy of the file on the display server. Note, the old project still has an old copy of the file, it would have no need to replace it. So you did not actually try the copy that is failing on WMP in watchpoint’s PC?

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