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How to set up a production computer


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Buongiorno Riccardo,

the Tweaking guide refers to the display computer and not to the production computer that does not need such kind of specific tweaking.

You can use any kind of modern laptop.

If you like you can contact me directly.

Best regards,


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This really depends in how the production computer will be used.

If it is used for content assembly and editing, but not used for performance (displays in cluster mode for show playyback), then it is not critical. I have had good success with clean install of Windows 10 Pro and nominal tuning (firewall).

if you plan to use the watchmaker computer as a live show playback controller, then the production computer becomes critical. In that usage, i would recommend you treat it exactly the same as a display.

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I usually tune my Production Laptops similarly to the Display computers except where (Display Only) is noted in the Windows 10 Tweak.  To be even more cautious I find that I use a lot of the Windows 7 tweaks in Windows 10 Pro.  The Windows 10 Pro Guide doesn't ask you to turn off the clock in the Task Bar, but I always do as a Blue M&M Easter egg to see if the person who tweaked the computer really went through the computer thoroughly.  I don't use content computers to run Watchout, I treat them like Displays and only want the software they need on them and never use them to build content or for other purposes like streaming.

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