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Will the pc run 2 time the same fullHD movie?

Alex Ramos

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Dear Alex,


I am not so sure if I am understanding here. 1 video that is taking 2 Display in WATCHOUT, Let's say if I have the stage screen, then the video has 50% in Display 1 and 50% in Display 2. If it rund 2 times the same video file? If that is the question. I think the answer is yes if is not in a proxy.





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Here is the answer, Alex.


1) If you run one video on one display computer it does not matter if you span the video across multiple outputs. WATCHOUT will still only playback one instance of the video file.


2) If you run two (or more) cues of the same video, at the same time on the timeline but on different layers, WATCHOUT is smart and will still only playback one instance.


3) If you run the video (as in 1 above) spanning two displays running on two separate display computer, each display PC will play one instance of the video - of course.


Best regards,

Fredrik Svahnberg


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