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WATCHOUT 5.3 + 5.3.1

Mike Fahl

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WATCHOUT 5.3 is now available in the usual place on our webste. This is a fee update to all current WATCHOUT 5 users. Below is a brief rundown of the changes since 5.2.






New Features

  • Compatible with Windows 8.
  • You can now control WATCHOUT display software using the WATCHOUT Remote App running under iOS 6.
  • The global vanishing point set in Preferences can now be overridden in image cues, using the cue's anchor point as a local vanishing point instead. This is useful when you want to make images rotate in exactly the same way along X or Y axis regardless of where they're located on stage.
  • Turkish and Japanese localizations have been added.
Bug Fixes
  • Masking sometimes worked incorrectly when driving multiple displays from one computer.
  • Thumbnails were sometimes displayed in the wrong position in the Stage window preview.
  • Photoshop files saved in CMYK color space didn't appear.
  • Some MIDI devices could cause a "MIDI Buffer Overflow" error message.
  • The "Datapath Vision RGB PRO" capture card didn't work properly or with poor performance.
  • The "Remote Access" command could fail with an error message under some circumstances.
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Released December 5, 2012. Compatible with Windows 8. Windows 7 required for full functionality. Turkish and Japanese languages added. Version 5.3.1 corrects a problem with non-English characters in some media file names. See the release notes for more details.



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